Excursion Etna Top 3345

Une excursion qui vous mènera à 3 300 mètres d'altitude sur le volcan Etna

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01/04 à 07/11 - Tous les jours

The excursion that we propose has as scenery the peak craters of Etna in all their majesty. The departure is from 1.900 m a. s. l.- South side of the volcano – North of Nicolosi. First you will take a cable car and then a special off road minibus to reach 2.900 m a.s.l., where, with an authorized alpine/volcanologic guide you will walk until 3.300 m. From this altitude you can admire the impressive summit of Etna and, therefore, the active craters of Etna and their spectacular grandeur (Bocca Nuova – Voragine – South-East Crater – North-East Crater).

During the descent it will be possible to explore the places and the craters of the recent eruptions. The above-cited descent will be realized on foot, in company with the guide from 3.300 m to 2.500 m, where you will re-take the cable way to come back to the point of departure.

The excursion above-mentioned, will permit you, in an unique and striking scenery, to reach the summit of the highest active volcano of Europe, and for this reason that this tour is organized with not too many people. If the weather forecast and the conditions of the volcano are good, the excursion is realized on reservation every day, it lasts about 5 hours and half, difficulty medium hight, difference in level: 1.000 meters by cable car and jeep round trip; 400 meters on foot with the guide.

Equipement recommandé

Windbreaker / Trekking shoes / Water / Hat and sunglasses

La nature

Visites nature, adaptées à ceux qui veulent être en contact étroit avec l'environnement.


Circuits comprenant des itinéraires de trekking, de difficulté facile, moyenne ou difficile.

Programme du tour (6 hours)

  • 1


    Départ de l’hôtel/restaurant Rifugio Sapienza

  • 2


    Montée avec téléphérique jusqu'à 2500 mètres

  • 3

    Minibus 4x4

    Montée en minibus 4 x 4 jusqu'À Torre del Filosofo (2900 mt)

  • 4

    Montée À 3345 mètres d'altitude

    Randonnée sur un chemin naturel jusqu'aux cratères du sommet

  • 5


    Trekking en haute altitude pour explorer les cratères sommitaux

  • 6


    Descente à pied de 3300 mètres à 2500 mètres

  • 7


    Descente en téléphérique d’altitude 2.500mt

  • 8


    Le tour se terminera au lieu de rencontre initial

Au départ de Catania

Date Prix Prix Web*
De 01/04 à 07/11 105.00 € : 10+
95.00 € : 7-10 années n.i.
100 € : 10+
92 € : 7-10 années n.i.

Le prix comprend

Trekking shoes/ Helmet/ Alpine or volcanological guide/ Cablecar ticket roundtrip/ Jeep oneway.

Le prix ne comprend pas

All that is not specified under “the cost includes”.

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