Catania and Aci Trezza bike tour

Tour à vélo à Catane

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02/01 à 31/12 - Tous les jours

Departure from Catania city.

Cycling tour along the major streets of the old town, destroyed and rebuilt nine times in the same place. This unusual feature makes Catania a city with a thousand faces. A casket with treasures dating back to different historical periods, buried and then brought to light...keeper of many secrets yet to be revealed!

We will move out from the old town along coastal roads, until we arrive at Aci Castello. The name comes from the building symbol of the village, a castle built on a lava basalt rock, originated from an underwater eruption that occurred about 500,000 years ago. The castle, the object of many legends, is now used as a Civic Museum.

We will then reach Aci Trezza, a fishing village that is the background of the Isola Lachea and the Faraglioni dei Ciclopi. These lava rocks were born from the same underwater eruption from which the cliff of Aci Castello originated. Greek mythology tells that the Faraglioni were the rocks thrown by Polyphemus (the Cyclop) against Ulysse (the opera's hero) after being blinded, in the masterpiece "Odyssey". In recent times, were the setting for Verga’s novel "I Malavoglia".
After this plunge into history, we will make a stop for a swim or refresh ourselves with a granita (a local lighter alternative to the icecream).

Return to Catania city.

From November to March bike excursions can be made exclusively privately (on request).


Equipement recommandé
  • Tennis shoes 
  • Water 
  • Fruit or protein snacks


Visite pour ceux qui veulent découvrir les beautés historiques et culturelles de notre terre.


Visite pour ceux qui veulent découvrir les beautés culturelles et naturelles à vélo.

Au départ de Catania

Date Prix Prix Web*
De 02/01 à 31/12 65.00 € : 12+ 60 € : 12+

Le prix comprend

  • Certified MTB guide
  • Bike and helmet rental

Le prix ne comprend pas

  • Additional price for private tours
  • All that is not specified under “the cost includes”

Programme du tour (4 hours)

  • 1

    Meeting point

    Catania at 9:30 am

  • 2


    Visit of the old town

  • 3

    To Aci Castello

    Panoramic riding

  • 4

    Aci castello

    Visit of the village

  • 5

    Aci Trezza

    Visit of the seaside village and stop

  • 6


    Panoramic ride towards Catania

  • 7


    The tour will end at Catania city center

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